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tv   [untitled]    August 26, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you're watching r g if you've just joined us a very warm welcome to you here's a recap of the headlines western nations are inching closer to military intervention in syria to set up a no fly zone and threats to order why the strike on the country i mean all the conflicts called for the beyond its borders with over a dozen killed in a series of clashes between pro and anti are that fighters in lebanon. the region killer and the regular declared as sane as a judge sentenced him to the maximum twenty one years in prison that this is a case of inspiring even more radical groups across europe. and to britain has
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abandoned its threat to kill the ecuadorian embassy and a rescue in a sauna easing tensions in the diplomatic standoff between the two nations that comes just a day after a block of cells and north american nation expressed their support of. next it's our in-depth interview r.t. talks to the head of belgian based syrian friendship association chris young the main theme regional tension in the middle east and why the current conflict in syria is now at the center of it. today we're joined by christiane sen he's an adult lister specializing in the middle east particularly syria renia relations and he also founded be a syrian a friendship association here in belgium about four years ago thanks very much travis for us for joining us today the first question i'd like to ask to establish the basis of your opinion you established this is so c.h.m.
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syrian friendship does that mean you are considered pro assad as you have been portrayed in the belgian media i'm considering me as pro syria pro syrian people i'm convinced that the only way to get out of this crisis out of this bloodshed is by following the path of free for a lot to offer firelands so if i see i'm ready for him i don't see i'm pro sets. but if you look to the reality in the city and go from the men's who also is willing to follow this path or forum and you've written and said that the armed uprising in syria has been supported or started from be outside but do you also acknowledge the fact that the syrians from inside want change and what of what is the basis of your analysis on this i do believe is that the violence what we are seeing you know this has nothing to do with the forum this has to do with destroying to people. i'm also convinced. i have
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a lot of testimonies from from people in syria that a lot of. what they call the rebels members of the syrian free army it's a matter of fact they're foreign nurse i mean this is not a forum in syrians are not interested in this is syrian people out of very. peaceful peaceful people and they managed to live together for for centuries since . we don't any problem. so the violence we're seeing no it's not a syrian projects i went to daraa. which. which was the bets the year before where the trouble started. also that it's near to the jordanian border it's not a coincidence that the trouble started at the border there. at the border town
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because this underlines once again the influence from abroad i mean. if the cuban situation in syria was really. a syrian. or a city and problem. trouble would have started from. our homes a lot of. outside forces and governments are interested in the to destroy syria why because you have to remember the city has a very strategic position in the area in the middle east in the region i think the main targets as a matter of fact is. because iran is such a powerhouse in the region it's so strong. they know that to take out iran first they have to take out syria and i'm quite convinced if they would succeed to destroy syria the next order to get will be hezbollah in lebanon i wonder if these
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two allies are taken out. they will concentrate one hundred percent on the you know who are you referring to when you say they i mean to my opinion the united states and their allies because they have their strategic interests in that region. also do. a lot of people talk about oil but you have to know syria it's not rich in oil they have some oil but it's not rich but of course the real oil is in saudi arabia and syria can be a transit round three. you also have to know that or huge guess reserves in the former soviet union i mean the central asian states of the former soviet union so they're for huge gas reserves and i think you have to see it in this context how do you confirm the identity of the rebel fighters that are coming from the outside they're foreigners how do we have proof of that because they found
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a lot of. proof of this like. when people die in homes. they find identity cards passports of foreign people. they captured people with a foreign accent you really are for mercenaries or doing it for the money but you also have no al qaeda which is active in. syria because they hope to find a new you know a new base to establish a new base over there let's just briefly look at turkey's role in all of this historically turkey and syria have had good relations what is the interest in turkey being rather aggressive now against syria what is the what lies in it for them to see unrest in syria as a matter of fact we're already seeing this because at this moment. region in
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syria or the people in accordance region in syria very already got a lot of. government from the government in damascus and of course turkey is not happy with this evolution why this change of mind why are they so. anti syria no i think there are different reasons so it can be true would that be still have this. dream aspirations to make of turkey again a. powerhouse which it once once was in the region. during the ottoman era. another factor is that. the fact of the muslim brotherhood they're not really anti western because the origin of the muslim brotherhood. they are what we call rick and.
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so they are interested in free trade with europe with the united states with the western world i mean we see now in egypt the muslim brotherhood we know with that thirty governments also the president is also pro muslim brotherhood and maybe they are hoping to establish a new government in syria also pro muslim brotherhoods for economical economical reasons and also political reasons of course because you cannot really split this and you said that the ultimate target in this geopolitical story is iran what is and this is not the first time that this opinion has been voiced or what is your analysis on this where iran is concerned it's fairly clear to me not only to me to a lot of people that the purpose is to destroy the iranian regime in binyan of the western warlords it's hostile regime hostile
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to the. western world i don't think this is true because i fit into it also many things to run and i can assure you that the iranian government is a very rational government spirit and government always say to nuclear program. is a civilian program. while in the west they say no. birth person is to get to not only bomb or a nuclear weapon and then they told me why should we need to not be a weapon i mean even if we manage to make one nuclear weapon. there is a difference between having a nuclear weapon and to be capable to deliver its so there is a big technical step between these two phases and they see even if we have one nuclear weapon and they think we're going to use its. the american government and their allies they will do almost to the middle ages so they have no interest in
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their own three being destroyed it's so they are much more rational than most people here in the west think now all the opinions you voiced today it's contrary to the general narrative that we find in a lot of the press a lot of the analysis here in belgium or in western europe how is your work and your opinions received in this part of the world unfortunately. most people. here in belgium but i can also. see maybe a broader picture of the western world to europa in the united states. they're not really aware they don't know we really did situation in the middle east what they know about it's based on cliche is you know like a very black white picture you know the good guys in the bad guys and even amazed that a lot of people don't really even realize. she goes through at the chicken location
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of it and for them it's somewhere over there in the middle east and the same with syria i mean a lot of people don't know that's the origin of the bathtub or steve it was socially sporty a lot of people say ok the president bashar al assad and his family to allow we are so this can be true but this is not. how can i say this is not the main factor in syria in politics the main factor is the origin of the baath party the socialist party where all religions lift together and city as one of the few. maybe the only country in the middle east where you have all these denominations christian but also get all the christian orthodox christian greek orthodox matter i need. living together for hundred of your very peacefully. but most people who are in
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dump realize this thanks very much for your time it was a pleasure. sometimes to see a story and it seems so for like you think you understand it and then something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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old started here before going global and now it's my. blog. choose your place take your stand. to. make your statement. spread the word. through.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations to rule the day . well the british the sun it's time to respond. to the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy because a report on. the
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stories that shaped this week was a nation that inching closer to military intervention in syria with plans to set up a no fly zone and threats of two of go on strike on the country meanwhile the conflicts build up for the beyond its borders with a bit doesn't you killed in the series of passions between pro and anti us the fighters in levanon. no we didn't kill and his great big is declared sane as a judge sentences him to the maximum twenty one years in prison that the case of inspiring even more radical dude across new right. and to britain has abandoned its threat to dorinda embassy and arrest julian assange easing tensions in the diplomatic standoff between the two nations comes just a day also block of south and north american nation express of this support he.
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makes of the sports update with kate. hello welcome to the sports and here are the headlines looking up to go forth with a three nil win over clearly as the very top samuel eto leg brace helps. in the russian premier league. while all those even champions manchester city twice come from behind to draw two two at liverpool after all snow again finished goalless not stuck in the top flight. deck might produce the edges motor g.p. lead full day lorenzo to win his second straight broad pretty narrow the gap to the top. but first
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a football and tesco mosco up to full softer trancing creosote off three nil in the russian premier league alexander sound of puts the home side ahead catching clearly a goal keeper gave them put away as the long range after only six minutes then added a second just before the interval and it's a go of providing for this one. and with the five minutes left after made the rocky two moussaka latched on to a mark on top of its cross to net his first goal of the season so the army men wrapped up their third win in a row to go forth with just a point now separate from the top five slipped to eleven. and in the late game samuel actually are scored eight relays graces angie went six with a pull to win at home to promoted more tovia. mounted an impressive fight back to rally from two goals down to draw two two at home to cross it off all the goals coming in the first tof that is fine though it left much to be desired as you would
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bag to brace within five minutes to get the distance and apparently come to bring me. the media striker has now scored six goals. as in as many matches then if you took the stuff he pulled one back out. to a. level matters and two two was how it stayed. while on saturday twice former champions rubin came from behind to win two on it is the need to inflict a first defeat of the season on the defending champions watched on by russian manager fabio capello that defies even put the home side ahead nodding including a beast of costly twenty five minutes but seven minutes after the break alexander is done so it was filed in the area for the visitors the press not sure level from the penalty spot for the israelis six goal in as many games and on the hour the man as human cat netted from long range what proved to be in the billions without wrapping up the perfect present for coach goodman videos who turned sixty on
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saturday. and that's a defeat for the chanos blackies men meant to win first by attacking even formed direct and see the moscow side go top and they took me to argentina and every time i'm inside out from the corner after sixty seven minutes. and with ten minutes to go igor never drank a level four to write this wonderful. right to speak to us and the camp was once again left in stoppage time brazilian defender antonio forrest snatched the winner i resigned we won that thing up their code winning games to leapfrog spot act and never point it suits us while over in england carlos tevez capitalized on a defensive howler to help champions manchester city it's not a late two two draw in a stroller at liverpool to deny brendan rodgers a first victory as reds manager the reds let through martin head after thirty four minutes but city levels just after the hour when ya touré pounced on the defensive
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mistake then the home side immediately regained the leave thanks to lewis white's free kick but with ten minutes to go. intercepted all that passed to ensure it finished to you too while the austral failed to score for the second straight league game off the selling top scorer robin van persie to manchester united as they dream no minutes stoke which followed last week's goalless open up against sunderland. defensively and as long as we didn't score nor you know they were happy was a point you could see that. and. point. to drop. i would. just to go. on. but you made the point because it's different for everybody to. tennis now and patrick fits about has clinched her second title this month by beating maria kirilenko in a hard fought battle to win the new haven open in the final warm up the last grand
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slam of the season the us open last year's wimbledon champion was pushed hard by the russian with each player dropping serve three times in the first. two to eleven in the toy break for an anchor then went a break up in the second but creative fought back to try the seven six seven five out into the montreal title she won you know against your lanka has risen to a career high twelfth in the world rankings while critical is seeded fifth that the u.s. open and start to follow the facts on setting up. while roger federer spearheads the men's half of the draw at the world number one is the man to catch after beating reigning u.s. open champion know that jacket in the final of the cincinnati masters last week and the swiss says he called thanks to kick start his quest for a record six title at flushing meadows the thirty one year old winning streak between two thousand and four and two thousand and eight tried to be a strong point to held by john recognizant pete sampras etc despite that formal
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much. there's no doubt about him never around just move on. you know whatever. teenagers are those times are. just. around to reach my goal for the coming world i want. to go to memphis for this one so it's been incredible i do have this one for me this year where you want to do well. and be one of the returning heroes one i want to. supersize that emerge a g.p. where danny pearl drives edge standings radio wholegrain or enzo to clinch his second straight victory at the check pre the runs i had started from pole ahead of pedrosa and it was a tight jewel between the two throughout the race and bono bazza pedrosa crept ahead on the final corner to eventually win by less than two seconds cal crutchlow came in search to give britain that podium finish in twelve years while pedrosa cut the gap to fellows find it lorenzo just thirteen points at the top of the standings
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with six races to go champion casey stoner remains in third spot despite missing a check from three because he couldn't. get it done. he did i do it is a brace and we were. into the corner but i could get my line in and win this race so it was it was amazing and i'm just just a hobby. and meanwhile in cycling laws armstrong says he's unfazed by his latest career threatening scandal but sexism came second in a mountain race in colorado just hours after being stripped of his seven tour de france titles the american anti doping agency also banned him from life after the forty year old refused to continue his legal battle over doping allegations but on strong says he has more important things to keep him busy. so i don't have anything we're going to. buy a great kids i've got a great lady everyone for your wonderful foundation that is completely unaffected i
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mean. you know always out there and we're going to continue our journey. and finally there's only one boat in the world which sails under the european. why he hasn't. unbeaten since its launch in two thousand and ten however its latest. on the two monte carlo regatta was probably the hottest. on explains. this boat is a says the best europe has still for the most of those and probably the fastest moxy yacht with a motivational dream team on board all together as well and promoting the idea of european unity as a mature has never tasted defeat since it first took to the water into it to tell smashing records as a mayor fourteen alone june the fourteenth at the draw up these amid bid the previous record by over three hours with experts call it the best ever sailing
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performance in the rain is. now the brilliant blend of europeans has gained some russian flavor with making his debut these images in the political two multi-cultural race over the last weekend but it's the latter assume it's a great honor for me to be russia's representative on such an outstanding both shoulder to shoulder with the likes of yacc and schumann and one villa who are sailing screen with a crop this is a great chance for all of us to bring our skills together and reach the top attention in the first race for the russian was expected to be a real challenge for the health team as the weather conditions was far from perfect and fortune will expect hard light breeze and a big question will be going west of sitting across a girl or going on these are going to the middle so there are a lot of strategic options and are always the point where our thoughts the race proved to be one of the harris tests these i'm a team had ever had escaping out of debt combs. tried
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a brand new route me at the tail and killed. which gave the yacht the lead in to dying minutes just twenty miles from the finishing. e-mail to carla. was a long one when you would really not recollect but actually trust for cost to go along italian coast and it made a very early decision to split to the right and we realize soon on the tracker that nobody else got the same plan the risky tactic proved to be the best with the team's pictorials record remaining intact and in the meantime is immature at parties once again challenging the elements on the course between the knuckle and for the chair will near certainty near. the team of outstanding europeans based on going all out to be in the record set in two thousand and three. a bit but in your own party. and that's all the sports news i have.
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the new secret laboratory tim kirby was able to build a most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission.


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